Frame Rail Trivia

Here’s an interesting detail that sometimes goes un-noticed. Has anyone ever questioned the purpose for the small cutout notch in the Passenger side Frame-rail? It is there to allow the tip of the Alternator Bracket to clear during Engine installation! The Bracket protrudes past the Alternator’s Housing a small amount but just enough to warrant the small cutout in the Frame-rail. Here are a couple of pictures to illustrate the point.

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    Very interesting ! I never knew that ! Thanks for sharing this tidbit.

    • Those slots were actually used to line up the two metal Frame sections when they were welded together. A Chrysler Retiree who worked at the St. Louis Plant for 30 years (Bill Embree) said that they also used them for Alternator Bracket clearance during Engine assembly. They were especially necessary when installing the Hemi Engines. The slot provided just enough clearance for the Assembly to be installed without the Alternator Bracket hitting the Frame Rail.