Header Panel

After removing the Car from the Rotisserie we were able to attach the front Header Panel. We had to cut each side to keep consistent with the gaps that are seen throughout each Body Panel. The Feeler Gauge was set to a default (correct) measurement and every gap is consistent throughout the entire vehicle. Here are a few pictures showing the altering of the Header Panel and the Panel gap width throughout the Car.

01-IMG_3886 02-IMG_3938 03-IMG_3893 04-IMG_3895

Here are a couple of comparisons. As you can see, we were not as messy as the Factory was! I’ll also post one of the kick panel area as soon as I get a chance to take a picture from an original B Body vehicle. We matched the look from what we documented on those vehicles and they too were very sloppy.

01 02

Panel Gaps

The panel gaps will be as perfect as we can get make them. Since there were no Factory 4 Door Barracudas manufactured, there is no protocol to follow. If we made the gaps to the Factory standards, our efforts might be viewed as looking “home made” to the casual observer. Since the Doors will be the focal point of the car, extra scrutiny will be used to make those gaps/areas as nice as possible to showcase the craftsmanship of the custom Doors that we fabricated.

Below is an example of the gap results we achieved. No one will ever say the gaps look too nice but they would definitely consider the custom work as flawed if the slightest imperfection was visible.

IMG_3481 05

Below are a few photos showing where Steve put the Body VIN stampings and the dip process of the priming/Seam Sealing. Even thought this car was never actually manufactured, we are building it with all of the Factory nuances and details that you would expect to find on a Assembly Line vehicle.

IMG_3846 IMG_3848 IMG_3872 IMG_3877 IMG_3879

Here are additional pictures showing various things that had to be altered in building this car. All of the Window/Door Mechanisms had to be cut, reconfigured and re-welded to work properly within the new Door configurations. (I included a “BEFORE & AFTER” photo one particular example.) The car was then completely disassembled and reworked to make sure that all of the Body Panels were as perfect as could be. This included the front, sides, back and every area that will never be seen once the Car is assembled for the final time.

I also had Factory Exact California “Turn Down” Mufflers made for the car at a pretty hefty cost. (Pictures of the first few prototype End Caps are pictured below.) The plus side of having this done is that I am manufacturing enough units to offer them to the Chrysler Restoration Market. This style of Muffler will be one of the “new” products that is a direct result from the building of this Concept vehicle. Here are some random photos showing some of these aspects & features.

aIMG_3552 aIMG_3556 aIMG_3569 bIMG_3564 bIMG_3565 cIMG_3736 cIMG_3750 zIMG_3729 zIMG_3731 zIMG_3757 zIMG_3771