Here’s a few more of the underside while the Shell is sitting on the 4 roller stands. I’ll have some more that show all the different over-sprays when everything is complete. These just show the first few layers of primer.

09-IMG_4149 10-IMG_4151 11-IMG_4153



Custom Door Gaps

Included are some shots of the custom gaps between the top of the Rear Doors, the Custom Quarter Panels and the Trunk Deck Lid. The gaps at the top of the Rear Doors were completely fabricated to represent a meandering shape. Both the front & rear Door Skins were custom made and never existed until Steve cut their patterns, fabricated the attaching folded edges and formed the correct curvature to emulate the stock Barracuda Body lines.

06-IMG_4136 07-IMG_4140 08-IMG_4138


Below are a few photos of the Custom Interior Filler pieces that sit beside the Rear Seat and the top corner of the Package Tray Shelf. There are still a few tweaks that need to be made before the final fit is complete and the dense foam is ready to be covered with vinyl material. The small foam piece will be glued to the larger section to make a one piece monolithic component. I included the 3 shaping stages that illustrate the transition to form the small foam pieces that sit on the Package Tray Shelf

02-IMG_4119 03-IMG_4128 04-IMG_4133 05-IMG_4134 01-IMG_4112

Here are a few more exterior pictures. The Custom Interior Door Panels will be posted next.


IMG_4019 IMG_4024 IMG_4078 IMG_4085 IMG_4089 IMG_4096

Re-Worked Interior

We’ve had many questions about how we were going to re-work the interior to alter some of the areas that required reconstruction and/or customization. One of the main areas that had to be altered was between the Rear Seat and the Arm Seat area. Since ‘stock” 1970 Barracuda rear arm rest pieces could not be used, we had hard foam blocks made to to sculpt our custom panels. They are actually solid sections of foam that had to be carved & shaped to represent the authentic look of a Factory component.

Here are a few photos showing the progression of the Interior conversions and comparison photos between Factory Barracuda plastic panels and what we shaped. After they are completely finished, we will have them wrapped in black Vinyl Material that matches the Interior of the Car. Also included are a few photos that show the overall Body proportions of the 4 Door Barracuda Project.

01-IMG_3747 02-IMG_3742 03-IMG_4068 05-IMG_4076 12-IMG_4097 06-IMG_4102 07-IMG_4103 08-IMG_4086 10-IMG_4094 11-IMG_4091