Here are a couple of pictures showing the difference that the Stainless Drip Rail & Door Belt Molding made in the Window opening appearances. As stated in an earlier post, adding this Trim made the Frame openings look smaller. The Trim, along with the black Vinyl Top, allows the overall appearance of the side profile to look Factory correct…….just as engineered and planned!



Magnum 500 Wheels

Below are pictures of the 14″ X 6″ Magnum 500 Wheels that will be used on the vehicle. It took a lot of effort to get the correct paint finishes and look of the original style Wheels. The taping alone took hours to get the proper results. We used an NOS Spare from a Mopar vehicle to use as a format to match the correct black sheen. The Coves, inside the Spokes, were a semi-gloss black finish. The back side of the Wheel and front Trim Ring area had a glossy black finish. NOS Red-line Goodyear’s will be fitted to the newly restored Rims. Also shown are a couple of photos with an NOS Center Cap in place.








Custom Exhaust System

The Exhaust System has been one of the most challenging areas of this project to correctly engineer. Everything had to be constructed from scratch and the dimensions had to be calibrated one inch & bend at a time. It has taken more than 7 different “practice” setup attempts to finally reach the desired outcome. After finalizing the dimensions for this this “never built” vehicle, we are ready to fabricate the actual System and install it. Here are a few photos showing the components hanging loosely in the vehicle. We were able to have the entire setup installed in a relaxed position so bolting & welding everything into place will be a straightforward task.







Torsion Rods

Here are a few pictures showing the stages for dipping and color coding the Torsion Rods. We used a closed ended PVC Tube with the top section removed for dipping access. A thick Enamel black paint was used to match the correct Factory finish. One of the photos shows the drips that resulted from the process. After the paint was cured, the correct silver identification stripes were applied. The silver color designated Torsion Rods for a 340 Barracuda. Two stripes were used to identify the Driver (left) side and a single stripe to identify the Passenger (right) side.





NOS Air Cleaner Element

As stated in an earlier post, the Air Cleaner Element had been one of the more difficult parts to locate. Here are a couple of photos with the unit in place. Even when the Air Cleaner Lid is assembled on the Housing base, the signature “round” screen holes can still be seen through the side openings.