While doing this Project, I decided to manufacture Factory appearing Paperwork to coincide with the build of this Car. We have manufactured Factory “correct” Broadcast Sheets, MSO, Invoice, Vehicle Traveler Sheet and a “Factory” Brochure. Pictured below are comparison photos of the Brochure. I took an original 1970 Barracuda example, scanned in all the pictures and information, then changed some of the the photos and verbiage to represent what Chrysler would have offered if they had manufactured a 4 Door Barracuda. We then had them professionally re-printed to mimic the Factory originals.

Here are a few “side by side” comparison pictures of the original and our reproduction. (Reproduction is the top photo and the Original is on the bottom.) The results are very authentic in appearance. We will be handing these out at the Carlisle Show. Hope to see you there.





I’ve had quite a few questions asking about different details of the Project and I’ll try to start covering them in batches. I was asked if we placed decal & paper items on various components even though they would not be seen. The answer is YES! We did everything like the Factory but with a twist. Since this vehicle is a tribute to a “Show Concept”, all of these items were positioned in a very “nice” fashion. Instead of making them look haphazard in placement, I took the time to position them straight & uniform. No wrinkles and as appealing looking as possible. This will also be a benefit when the Car is judged in the SEMA – “Battle of the Builders” event.

We did place a Broadcast Sheet on the back of the Dash Glove-box Liner prior to installing it. For things like the Jack Base Decal, the Decal was made, positioned and then pictures were taken to document this small item. For the Dash Control Knobs, I spent over 2 hours detailing and airbrushing the correct colors in the recessed arrows. Most of that time was spent preparing and cleaning the plastic area surrounding the arrows, after the paint was carefully applied. All of these tiny detailing efforts will make the difference in the overall appearance. We have done approximately 98% of the work ourselves. With the exception of things like Interior parts and soft goods, we have fabricated just about everything for this Project. From Seat-belt Labels, to Body Work and Exhaust Components, we have done it all. Here are a few photos showing some of these detailing items.







Here are a few pictures showing the Broadcast Sheets in place. We had about 14 printed and will use them in areas where they were found on Factory Cars. The great thing about these are that they are the original Broadcast Sheets to this Concept Vehicle. (lol)





Pictured below is another 4 Door Concept vehicle (pictured in the center, right portion of the photo) that never made it into mass production. It is an XP-836 also know as the Chevrolet Camaro. As stated on many occasions, every Auto Manufacturer was making 4 Door Concepts of their “sporty” 2 Door production vehicles. Some have asked how our Concept Tribute will be unveiled to the Public when complete. It will be presented exactly the way it has been written about since its introduction. After completing 3 OE Gold and Best of Show vehicles at the Mopar Nationals, I decided it was time to do something different. I came across an Artist’s rendering of a light blue-gray painting of a 1970 4 Door Barracuda and decided to build one. It was originally going to be a lemon twist yellow car with a Gator Grain Top and a Rally Hood. A few weeks into the project, we came across an article that was written by Roger Johnson in 2007. He wrote about a Red 1970 4 Door Barracuda Concept Car that he saw while working at Chrysler’s Corporate Headquarters in 1969. It was at that time that I decided to change the direction of the project and do a “What If” scenario based on Roger Johnson’s article. The car would be built to match his recollection but with an added twist. It will be built as if Chrysler had given the “Okay” to manufacture a production vehicle of this type car.

After spending about a year trying to contact Roger Johnson, he responded to one of my emails and I had the opportunity to talk with him about his recollection of the “original” 4 Door Concept Barracuda. I have also talked with other Chrysler Employees from back in the day, who confirmed that Chrysler built 4 Door Concept versions of just about every 2 Door vehicle that they manufactured. The main part of this story however, is that we have done something that has never been accomplished in the Automotive World. We have engineered and built a Factory style vehicle from a Concept design. All of the Assembly Line characteristics, a VIN that coincides with the body design and a legitimate DMV Title puts the exclamation point on the efforts. That is how the story will be presented and people are free to take from it whatever they choose.


This particular area caused quite a bit of controversy on the Forums. A few bewildered individuals claimed that the registered Vehicle Number was illegal and that the Car was being misrepresented. Below is a photo of the State Issued, Legal Title (registered with the DOT) for this Car. For those who were so vocal with their incorrect and limited knowledge about this topic, this should help put their delusional concerns and accusations to rest.