Here are some older pictures showing the Door Latching Mechanisms and the “custom” rods that had to be made for proper functioning. Also shown is the inner Door Wind-lace Channel that had to be re-structured to match the “new” Belt Molding of the Door Frames.

IMG_2347 IMG_2322 IMG_2321 IMG_3307 IMG_3300 IMG_2233

Steve is actually the Master Mind behind the Metal Work and Custom Engineering of the project. I do whatever work he needs me to assist with while he puts all the pieces into place. I love restoring all the Metal Components to look new again as well as the detail pieces that follow the Paint work. Steve is a great Guy/Friend and we make a good Team. These projects couldn’t be possible without his Skills & Craftsmanship.

In the first couple of pictures, Steve is the guy with the white shirt and I am in the green.

IMG_2426 IMG_3378 IMG_0771 IMG_1162 IMG_1576 IMG_2362 IMG_1596

Here are a few photos for cutting and re-sectioning the Roof. We ultimately had to slice across the entire mid-section of the top and connect the two (cut) lines.

IMG_2436 IMG_2437 IMG_2438


I vow that this car will look, run and operate like an Assembly Line Chrysler vehicle when complete. I’m sure it will draw as much (if not more) controversy than my 2010 OE, 4 Door 1970 Valiant. That car scored the highest points totals of any vehicle that ever entered that competition and also won Best of Show. Here is a short video from the 2010 Mopar Nationals showing the Valiant while it was at that Show.

here are a few photos that illustrate some of the “real” challenges we faced while designing the Door Mechanisms and Window Tracks. Since the Belt Molding was lowered approximately 1.5 inches, we had to adjust/cut the Channels and re-weld new mounting points. The original Window Channel (mechanism) was too close to where the Weatherstrip was going to attach. We used the original Front Door design for the Rear Windows to provide clearance that was necessary, due to the Belt Line dropping. After thinking through the mechanics and functioning of the original components, here is what we came up with. (Below) Ignore the “rough” appearance of the components. All of the parts will be dissembled and plated (to look like new) after the test fitting is complete. Everything works and looks Factory Perfect! It’s full steam ahead……..!

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