Engine Compartment

I was asked to post a couple of pictures of the Engine compartment, so as requested, here they are. Thanks!



Trunk Components

Here are a few photos showing the Trunk area and some of the related components. We secured the Fuel Sending Unit Wire with black tape just like the Factory did. An NOS Trunk Mat and an NOS Spare Tire Assembly was also used for the setup. A few other items will be installed soon and the Trunk area will be complete.






Here are a few pictures showing the restored the Dash Headlight-Dimmer-Wiper Pod. After detailing the plastic to look new again, the curved upper left corner was sprayed with Trim Black (semi-flat) color. The Headlight-Dimmer-Wiper Control lettering was faded and needed to be re-furbished to look new again. I made an exact reproduction Decal of the lettering and used a Plot Cutting Machine to replicate the exact size of the recessed opening. The old lettering was carefully sanded with 1000 grit sandpaper, the recessed area was airbrushed with black paint and the new Decal applied. You cannot tell the difference from the Factory Original Unit and the lettering is now new and vibrant once again.




340 Engine

Here are a few pictures showing the new running Engine. After priming the Carburetor to get the fuel to run through the lines, it started right up. With a few minor tweaks, it is performing perfectly. There were no leaks or any other negative issues that developed. You’ll notice that there are not any Heater or Vacuum Hoses installed. I chose to block off the water ports to eliminate the possibility of any Heater Core leaks when the Car is stored and sitting for long periods of time. All of our OE Cars were done the same way. The Vacuum Hoses will be installed after they are correctly stamped.




Here is a photo showing the passenger Rear Door Panel for this project. It took a considerable amount of engineering & planning to get the proper fit and appearance for this design. We were pleased to find that our efforts provided the exact outcome that we had initially planned for. A Factory look and a perfect, contoured fit. A big “Thank You” to Legendary Auto Interiors for their assistance, attention to detail and phenomenal quality.