We just completed the second installment of the 4 Door Barracuda’s Tour at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. The next event will be the SEMA Show in November. One topic that continues to come up is comments I have made regarding the construction of this Car. Many have argued that the vehicle was not built from “scratch” because we used existing components for its construction. First let me stress that we started with nothing but a conceptual idea when this Project began. We didn’t have a Car to alter, convert or modify. We built this Car piece by piece and it represents a New Car that never existed. Steve and I basically became the “Factory” in this build.

I would like to illustrate the rationale behind the comments I have made about the construction of this Car. Consider the Factory and how they build their vehicles. I doubt that anyone would debate that the Factory is the “Architect” in the construction of their Assembly Line vehicles. They are given credit for building and manufacturing their cars from the ground up or from “scratch”. With that said, let’s consider their involvement when building those Automobiles. Does the Factory manufacture the headlights that they use on their Cars? Do they manufacture the Carpeting they use in their Cars? Do they manufacture the glass that is used in their Cars? What about the Wiring Harnesses? What about the Tires and Wheels? What about the Paint used on the Bodies or the fabric used to cover the Seats?

The point is that almost ALL of the components used to build a Car are provided by Independent Suppliers that manufacture those parts for the Factory. The Factory uses those parts to build their vehicles. Those components are manufactured to meet their designs and specifications. So the Factory is basically a General Contractor in assembling and manufacturing Automobiles. Similar to a General Contractor that builds Homes, they don’t “make” the Wood that’s used to form the Roof, Walls or basic structure. They don’t make the Electrical Junction Boxes. They don’t make the Granite Counter Tops they install in the Kitchens. They don’t make the Toilets or Sinks. They do however, assemble the components necessary to build the Homes they have engineered and designed.

In this build, we collected and assembled the components necessary to facilitate this “One of a Kind” design. Some components had to be completely manufactured starting at square one, where others were cut apart and altered to match our design. The entire Body of the this Car was constructed using newly fabricated and/or modified components. Some parts had to be constructed from flat metal stock and others were altered from their “stock” configuration. The end result is a 4 Door Barracuda that does not share any exterior Body components with the 2 Door Model. The entire outer structure has been modified to function properly within the parameters of our 4 Door design.

One last point to make here. If a Cook ever tells you that they made Biscuits from “scratch”, it doesn’t mean that they milled the flour and milked the Cow that makes the Dough, etc……..

Here’s an interesting piece of information from the past. It appears that Chrysler had advertised their 1970 Barracuda “4 Door” Cars. If they had mass produced them, they may have looked similar to what we built. Stay tuned for the unveiling coming soon!

4 Door 3



Some have inquired about the Engineering that was done on this vehicle during the build. The Roof/Headliner was just one of the areas that required small increments of measurements to complete its custom fabrication. Since the Roof was completely cut apart and a new shape rendered, we had to engineer the Headliner Rods to accommodate the new contour. After relocating and cutting the Bows to their “correct” shape, we had to take measurements about every 2″ to get the Custom Headliner made. There were many of these calculations that had to be tweaked after a few trial & error test fits.


Coming soon…..

The Studio Photos went off without a hitch and the Car is waiting for its unavailing in April. A while back I was asked about archived photos of the Interior and if those “ratty” components were going to be used for the project. The answer is no. All of the components used during the project build were for mock up only. We used some old, worn out Interior parts but they provided the necessary engineering for fit & finish. Below are a few photos showing a comparison of the mock up Interior parts and the final version. Also shown is the “original” VIN and Tire Pressure Label for this vehicle. Stayed tuned for the Car to be debuted in its completed form sometime soon.






Here are a few pictures showing a few of the Seat Belts for this project. I manufacture the identification Part Numbering Tags and they are an accurate reproduction of the originals. The material is exact to what Chrysler used in 1970 and so is the lettering font. They add the final and correct detailing touch to the Factory style Seat Belts.