As requested, here are a few pictures showing some details of the Rear Axle Housing. The stamped white numbers represent the production date that the specific Assemblies were completed. The yellow stamp near the U-Bolts (075) is the call out number for the 3:55 gear ratio. The 3 white slashes on the third member also signifies a 3:55 gear ratio. Thanks for the comments and questions!







A recent question was asked about our using a Saginaw PS Pump versus the Federal unit. I’m not sure if all 1970 340 E Bodies would have used one particular style over the other. Since this car is a tribute to the early Concept seen by Roger Johnson in 1969, we decided to use a few 1969 “transitional” components throughout the project. Doing this allowed us the best of both Worlds for incorporating late 1969 and early 1970 components. Most of the later 1969 340 Engines used the Saginaw Power Steering Pumps.

Other parts that were late 1969 issue for this project include the the Wiper Motor, Emergency Brake Cables, various Suspension items and Red Line Tires. Red Line Tires (for instance) were not offered on a 1970 Barracuda but we decided to use them to add to the unique “What If” scenario that this car represents. We also decided that a Rear Sway Bar would have probably been offered on a 4 Door version of the Barracuda, so we included that component in the build. (Rear Sway Bars were not typically documented on E Body vehicles until mid 1970.) In essence, the Saginaw Power Steering Pump was selected over the Federal unit to add to the theme of unique features incorporated in this 4 Door tribute vehicle. Thanks for your comments and question!


Here are a group of photos showing the Engine and Transmission being installed into the car. We had 4 people helping to maneuver the assembly and oversee the process. Steve Been, Dave Stuart, Tom Barcroft and myself. Everything went just as planned with no issues to speak of.











We have made a couple of changes in Trim options to help “box out” the Window openings so they appear smaller. We will be using customized Stainless Drip Rail Moldings to surround the upper Door Frames. These had to be altered to fit the extended A Pillar lengths. We welded extensions on the ends, ground/sanded the welds smooth and then re-polished them to a mirror finish.

The Door top pieces will be reshaped from original Cuda Trim, altered to fit our custom Door tops. After obtaining the correct curvature, lengths and overall shape, we will have them re-anodized to appear Factory new. These changes will help counter the larger appearance of the Door openings from where we lowered the Door Belt Line. Below are photos showing the extended Drip Rail Stainless and the newly shaped upper Belt Molding Trim.






Frame Rail Trivia

Here’s an interesting detail that sometimes goes un-noticed. Has anyone ever questioned the purpose for the small cutout notch in the Passenger side Frame-rail? It is there to allow the tip of the Alternator Bracket to clear during Engine installation! The Bracket protrudes past the Alternator’s Housing a small amount but just enough to warrant the small cutout in the Frame-rail. Here are a couple of pictures to illustrate the point.

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