Here are a few progression pictures of the custom Light Boxes that will sit at the base of the (hard) Foam Panel Filler sections that were fabricated. We will use a Convertible Light Harness setup that will allow the Rear Floor area to be lit up when the Rear Doors are opened. The Boxes were cut from the left over (front Door Skin) Sheet Metal that was used to fabricate the back section of the Rear Door Skins. We purchase 2 Cuda Door Skins in order to get the additional Door Handle opening required for the custom Rear Door. The front section was basically scrap after the panel had been cut apart.

Steve was able to cut the metal and bend it by hand to get the appropriate Box size for fit & finish. He incorporated louvered openings that will allow the illumination to have a soft diffused look when the light is activated by opening the rear Doors. I put the formed boxes back into the piece of metal they were cut from and you can see those examples in the third picture. They will be painted a Textured, Black color when they are ready for installation. The Interior Door Panels are being constructed and should be finished shortly.


01-IMG_4119 02-IMG_4162 03-IMG_4163 04-IMG_4165

Inside/Backside of the Light Box

Inside/Backside of the Light Box

Finished - Primed Light Box

Finished – Primed Light Box