Engine Details

Here are a few pictures showing additional accessories bolted to the Engine.

IMG_7763 IMG_7767 IMG_7779 IMG_7782 IMG_7788 IMG_7804 IMG_7775 IMG_7787

Alternator Details

Here are a few close up pictures of the restored Alternator.  The Aluminum Casing and components (Dated Diodes, Winding’s, Pulley, Inspector Decal) represent a unit that is Assembly Line correct & authentic.IMG_7756 IMG_7750 IMG_7757 IMG_7740 IMG_7734

Engine Details

Here are a few photos of the Engine with some of the Accessories bolted into place.  We made sure that the black components all varied in color density.  The parts would have been painted by different Suppliers/Vendors so they would exhibit varying shades, sheen’s and densities of (black) coloring.  IMG_7692 IMG_7696 IMG_7705 IMG_7710 IMG_7699

Here is a small feature for the Wiper Motor Ground Strap that has gone UN-noticed and incorrectly represented on many restoration projects.  Chrysler Wiper Motors are typically restored with a “Z” shaped configuration to the Ground Strap.  All of the Factory versions we have documented have a “Shepard’s Staff” bend near the small hole end and a smooth “swooping” 90 degree bend at the larger hole attaching point.  Here are pictures of 3 original Factory units, a comparison of the one we shaped for this Project and the 4 Door Wiper Motor mounted into place.

IMG_7643 IMG_7654 IMG_7658 IMG_7641 IMG_7651