While doing this Project, I decided to manufacture Factory appearing Paperwork to coincide with the build of this Car. We have manufactured Factory “correct” Broadcast Sheets, MSO, Invoice, Vehicle Traveler Sheet and a “Factory” Brochure. Pictured below are comparison photos of the Brochure. I took an original 1970 Barracuda example, scanned in all the pictures and information, then changed some of the the photos and verbiage to represent what Chrysler would have offered if they had manufactured a 4 Door Barracuda. We then had them professionally re-printed to mimic the Factory originals.

Here are a few “side by side” comparison pictures of the original and our reproduction. (Reproduction is the top photo and the Original is on the bottom.) The results are very authentic in appearance. We will be handing these out (For Free) at the Carlisle Show. Hope to see you there.





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