I was contacted by Roger Johnson this past weekend. Here was the content of his message:

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your interest in the 4-door 1970 Barracuda I saw at Chrysler’s 1969 world headquarters. I worked in Chrysler’s mail room so I had access to just about anywhere with this Highland Park complex. The main administration building where Lynn Townsend and even Tom Hoover had their offices had a loading dock, or platform, out back where I often saw a variety of cars setting as I walked by on my daily route. In around November of 1969 I walked past this platform and saw a 1970 4-door Barracuda in red with conventional rally wheels. I have no idea if the car was an actual driver but it looked like it could be from the 80-100 foot distance I watched it from. I actually made a note to get a closer look one day but just never bothered until it was too late. The car sat on this loading dock for about four days and I passed it twice each of those days. After it was moved, I never saw it again. I asked Hoover about the car many years later when I saw him at Road Atlanta during Chrysler’s stint in Formula 5000 racing with the Union Oil “Shadow” race car team (powered by a 305 inch version of the 340). Hoover just laughed and said engineering didn’t pay much attention to the styling guys back then but he didn’t remember it. I thought the car cut a surprisingly nice profile even though I was always a 2-door kind of guy.


Roger Johnson

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