This small Custom Component took quite awhile to engineer & fabricate. Since the Tilt Telescopic Steering Column was constructed by morphing 2 different systems together, we had to fabricate a PRND21 Indicator Needle that would work with the Custom setup. Spring Steel was used to match the thickness and rigidity of the original style Needle. We had to bend and configure the shape of the Wire so it would work with the new Column setup. A Holiday Wreath was used as a donor for the Spring Wire. We used a softer banding Wire to “Mock up” the shape before doing a final bend for the New Custom Needle.

The Wire was painted black to camouflage it against the black Steering Column. The Needle Tip was painted the correct red/orange color to match the Factory versions. The “hook” end of the Needle was left bare metal to match the attaching stud that it was fastened to. Here are a few progression photos showing the results.







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